How To Build Solar Panels

How to Terminate (wire) Solar Panels

Step 1:

To begin, cut 2 lengths of solar cable, no longer than 1 metre each. You will need to strip the ends of the cables, like Fig 1:

Fig 1

All four ends should look like the image above. You could use a stanly knife (but be careful) to strip the black sheaving off the cable and use the wire stripper for the white sheaving.

Each MC4 connector comes with its terminal - This will need to be crimped onto the cables, the female part is for the +Positive terminal of the solar panel and the male part is for the -Negative.

Male MC4 Connector

Female MC4 Connector

Fig 2

Fig 3

Fig 4

Step 2:

Push the cable end into the tip (Fig 5), making sure it’s all the way up to the sheaf:

Fig 5

Step 3:

Insert the wire and terminal assembly inside the crimper (Fig 6) and make sure the wire doesn’t drop out from the terminal before crimping (Fig 6): Now compress the handle. If all went accordingly, then the tip should be secured onto the wire - Be sure to do this for both male and female terminals.

Solar panel crimping tool

Fig 6

The crimped connector should look like the images in Fig 7

Fig 7

Step 4:

After you have completed both female and male cables, you are then ready to solder them on to the solar panel.

Undo the cable glands from the junction box and thread the female connector to be soldered, through the glands, examples (Fig 8, Fig 9, Fig 10):

Fig 8

Fig 9

Fig 10

The ends of the cable is pushed through the cable gland and then soldered onto the terminals. The glands are then tightened to secure the cable into place. Connect the positive (female) connector first. Locate the positive with your multimeter.

Your solar panel is now ready to be connected… Good Luck

Tools needed for terminating solar panels:

1. MC4 Crimping Tool

2. Wire Stripper

3. Wire Cutter

4. Multimeter

5. Soldering Iron

6. Screwdriver


1. Solar Cable

2. MC4 Connectors

The MC4 connectors (Male and Female)  should come apart (Fig 4) easily…



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